Why You Should Opt for a Cebu Van for Hire

Why You Should Opt for a Cebu Van for Hire

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Travelling is so much fun! Most especially true if you’re with your friends and family, like, you know a really big bunch people heading for a single location? Imagine all the fun, memories, conversations, and what have you, you’ll have while heading to your destination. Although some would skip going for a van for rent in Cebu and go for commuting because it’s more of a good way to do as the locals would do it, it still pays to be practical at most times.


Take a tour to Oslob Cebu or even a tour to Moalboal Cebu perhaps, like those offered by Cebu Prince. Yes, you can commute towards the location if you’re able to withstand hours of land travel. But the biggest issue arises at the bus terminal. You won’t really be sure if the bus has enough seats to hold such a big group of people. This goes true if you’re travel to a destination during its peak season, making it harder to go there since a lot of people are doing the exact same thing as you. Long queues of people waiting for their turn, being split up because you have to wait for the next bus to accommodate the rest of the gang and what not are also issues that could arise. Plus, you can’t stop unless there’s a designated pit stop for the long trip, which usually happens every 2 hours of the trip. To avoid this, why not go for a Cebu van for hire?


With a Cebu Van for hire you’ll be sure that everyone can get on transport at the same time, with enough seats for everybody. Also, a bus would mean multiple stops in between the trip because of hailing passengers and those who are already at their destination. Going for a van for rent means you’re also saving precious time. You do not want to end up spending majority of your time on transit, right?

Another advantage is that you can have enough pit stops for some pickups, like if you’re passing through Carcar, you should get off before the rotunda to buy some chicharon for snacks and even lechon for lunch! This is something you can’t do with a bus since it’s on a strict schedule. You’re also able to request stops as you along the hi-way in case you see landmarks and would want to take photo ops. But do remember, you’ll have to do it quickly. It would then defeat the purpose of saving times with a Cebu van for hire if you end up eating most of it because of unnecessary stops. Also, if you do plan on taking pictures along your road trip, keep them, if possible, along only those passable on the hi-way. Some local roads are only one-way and would mean multiple turns to get back to the main road to continue your journey.


Book your Cebu van for hire now and have a worry free road trip! Keep safe guys!

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