Top Skills Every Digital Marketer Must Possess

Top Skills Every Digital Marketer Must Possess

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Digital marketing isn’t about selling to gadget-wielding customers; it has more to do with communicating with people and understanding their needs. It’s not about begging them to buy, it’s earning their trust so that when it’s time to purchase, they choose to buy from you without coercion.


To succeed in this field, digital marketers need soft skills like curiosity, empathy, and critical thinking. There are also indisputable hard skills they need to learn (and keep on learning) to stay relevant in this competitive industry. 


Below are the top digital marketing skills you need to possess, whether you want to build a career in marketing, grow your business, or both. 



Create a solid email marketing strategy that’s aligned with the goals of your career and business.
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For years, email has been the primary communication tool for many businesses. This is probably why email marketing remains to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. 


Email marketing is wildly versatile. You can leverage it to achieve several goals: talk to your customers, establish relationships with them, build loyalty, and even convert leads.


How you use email is totally up to you, depending on your marketing objectives. You can send relevant content, updates about your business, send invites, and inform your customers about your newest products and gimmicks.


Learn the ropes of email marketing to build your email list, conduct experiments, and understand your audience better.




The goal of copywriting is to promote your product/service and trigger response. Considering the growing number of digital channels today, copywriting has become a vital 21st-century marketing skill. You need to learn how to write compelling copy for platforms like email, ads, landing pages, social media posts, and product descriptions, and more.


Unlike other forms of writing, copywriting requires you to be skillful in communicating value, capturing attention, stir interest, and urge the audience to act using a few words. This discipline of writing also needs you to be flexible in your writing based on the platform and the expectations of your audience.




People turn to search engines when they need a product or a service. Search engines have become a crucial point of the customer journey. This makes it important for businesses to pop up immediately when a search query is made.


As such, having the technical and creative know-how on making your business climb at the top rungs of search engine results is a crucial skill. Search engine optimization (SEO) requires marketers to learn how to create and promote relevant content, register a business in online directory listings, and how to make a website secure and structured.


The benefits of SEO are a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re a newcomer or looking to improve your skills, it’s always worth learning.



Pay-per-click advertising boosts your chances of getting found easily by your target audience.
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If you want to be visible on top of search engine results pages immediately, then pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the way to go. PPC ensures that your business shows up on the first page. However, you need to pay for every click your ad receives. Ad quality and relevance improves your chances of getting clicked.


That’s the skill digital marketers need to develop. You need to understand which keywords and channels to use and learn how to balance your ad budget. Most importantly, as you master PPC advertising, you must also learn how to set up a successful ad that’s concise, to the point, and has a lower cost per click to increase your profits. 


PPC advertising is for all channels, including search engines, social media, apps, websites, and more. If you plan to grow your reach through any or all of these channels, you need to learn the ins and outs of PPC.

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