Top 5 Grooming Essentials for Guys This Holiday Season

Top 5 Grooming Essentials for Guys This Holiday Season

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Christmas is but a few days away and you only have so little time to prepare for a night with anyone, and most especially for yourself. But most of us would still plan ahead and render our leave of absence request on the HR table so that we can go home for the holidays and spend it with the people that truly matter to us. And since the season falls on the weekends, there’s no need to bring a lot of stuff on your travel.

Travelling light is supposed to be simple but we tend to skip this part to avoid forgetting one thing and basically end up bringing at least a quarter of stuff that we don’t actually look at or even think about of using the whole time. To spare you the struggle here our top 5 picks for the grooming essentials you should totally bring for the holiday getaway.

  1. Dental Care

Short and sweet, bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and even dental floss, if you have to. There’s definitely no excuse to skip on dental hygiene at any event. It simply isn’t done.

  1. Hair Wax

Hair wax is a total must have for any gentleman on the go, be it on off season. Choose something really versatile like Grips Hair Wax: Hard and Shiny. It still offers you a good hold while giving you a wiggle room to restyle it as go from one event to another. Who knows, you might meet the one on this holiday season. Or perhaps you’re travelling to your partner’s hometown and meeting the parents? You simply want to make a good impression on them. Plus, Grips Wax comes with an easy style, easy wash formula so you won’t have to worry about anything, except how to style.

  1. Disposable Shaver

If you want to look clean and dapper, you better have a shaver in that luggage of yours. Unless you want start growing your stubble, you want to avoid having that 5 o’clock shadow on 7 PM when meet your partner’s parents, right?

  1. Perfume

You need to smell good. Need we say more?


Easy, right? Those are the only things you need to pack up for your Holiday trip. Got them down? Great! Now start packing.

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