Peace and Love on Christmas

Peace and Love on Christmas

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People love to love! Even if we encounter the challenges of life and mistakes we and the people around us make, we are still much capable of loving, very much. When we experience broken friendships, we feel sad remembering how such a friendship ended with you forgetting the reason why it even did in the first place.

We forgive. Slowly and, sometimes, quickly, we always look on the brighter side of things and appreciate the good outcomes those moments gave us, regardless of how big they are. We simply love to love, so much so that no amount of hate can overpower that. And with the Yuletide season just days away, here’s a few ways you can spread, give, and celebrate love in your own little way.

Forgiving the Past
Past arguments are exactly that, the past. Do not let it dictate, affect or even become the reason of how you would celebrate Christmas. True, a part of you thinks that you can indeed continue on with life while still holding on to that ounce of grudge in your heart because you still can’t get over that ONE time your friend failed at being a friend to you. Alright, we totally understand that. But how long are you going to keep this up? We’re sure you’ll still have those moments of browsing through their social media posts to see what they’re up to lately. So, why not spare yourself the trouble and call them and ask how they are personally. Or, even if they were the one at fault, send them a peace offering like a bottle of the cologne you always smell on them like Fiona Cologne.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Another way to celebrate love is by giving it wholeheartedly to those who need it most. Though it’s true that you should seriously love yourself first, but if you’ve already got so much love to spare, why not pack some of them and send them out? It can be anything. You can send your BFF’s favorite cologne, like Fiona Cologne, or a cute friendship ring that will last for a lifetime. Send out something that will become a representation of how much you love them and want to keep them in your life as long as possible. Just give what you can and not count the cost.

Serve it Up!
It may sound new to you but there are people who are willing to give up a comfy, fabulous and exhilarating Christmas party to give back to the community. If you try searching online, there are actually plenty of Christmas community projects that collect donations like funds, clothing, food and what have you and give them to a community to sponsor their Christmas Eve feast. You can even volunteer to be part of the team who organizes the event and really serve up some love on Christmas Day.

Celebrating love is easier, actually. So, why bother being a Grinch? Why don’t you celebrate love instead and be merry!

Happy Holidays!

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