Most Effective Tactics for Mobile SEO in 2017

Most Effective Tactics for Mobile SEO in 2017

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Network marketing has become a critical component of business in the modern world. Whether or not a business has a physical location, all companies strive to have a tangible online presence. Network marketing is a highly effective tool, and search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental part of it. SEO helps you position your site at strategic locations online to be found by buyers and other people who can use your products/services. Here’s some valuable information on search engine optimization that could help you elevate your business to the next level:


SEO is a tool used by marketers to increase visibility on search engines such as Yahoo! or Google. Like other areas of marketing, SEO has been facing dynamic change recently. In 2017, mobile SEO is the most common phenomenon that marketers are addressing. It is paramount to learn the most effective ways to get the best results with mobile Search Engine Optimization.


According to Google research, the number of people using mobile phones to perform internet searches is surpassing searches done on computers and other devices. Every company that uses the internet as a marketing tool needs to make the most out of this phenomenon by widening their customer base and communicating effectively with both current and potential customers.



The fundamental goals of SEO are to:

  1. Let your site’s intentions be known to search engines so they recommend it to appropriate searches
  2. Create a seamless, easy user experience
  3. Gain a competitive advantage against competitors




Here are some tactics to achieve those goals:


Create a Responsive Design

Your site must be mobile friendly. A responsive design can adjust its contents depending on the size and shape of the mobile device. This makes your site friendly to mobile users. Ensure your website is easy to navigate and easily accessible through various devices to reduce your “bounce” rate (the number of people who stop at your website and leave abruptly).


Optimize the Content


After designing a responsive website, the next step is to meticulously write content provided on the website. When a client visits a site, they want relevant content, not just keywords that don’t address the topic of the blog or article (content). Digital marketers need to be aware that more people are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about what they want and are not easily duped.


Ensure that the information provided on your website is informative and relevant. This does not mean to avoid keywords, it simply cautions you not to overuse them, rendering the content repetitive and non-informative. Use keywords within the constraints of the keyword density.


Accelerate Page Loading Speed


No one will wait forever for a page to load. Most everyone, especially mobile users, wish to access the page they are seeking as soon as possible. Digital marketers must increase the loading speed for mobile devices. Only place relevant content on each of your web pages; too much will slow the loading speed.


Make Use of Mobile Advertisements


Using mobile ads to advertise your company/website reaches more customers within a short time. Some of the mediums one could use to advertise via mobile include money services like PayPal, bill-paying sites, and many others.


Get Rid of 404s


Keep the appearance of the 404 error message on your site to a minimum, and reduce it to zero, if possible. Mobile users want rapidity; bumping into the 404 error motivates them to move elsewhere.


Multi-Channel Optimization


Key words should not only be optimized on your website; optimize it on other platforms like Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Offline, and Pinterest. Optimization on offsite platforms helps train customers’ eyes to look for keywords and phrases that relate to your website.


Mobile SEO is a concept that is has become a requirement for marketing. Optimizing your site for mobile can, however, prove to be intimidating and time-consuming. Don’t sweat it; Strategic Market Company is here to take care of your digital marketing issues and set you on a path to business success.

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