4 Effective Ways to Get Your Content Discovered

4 Effective Ways to Get Your Content Discovered

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Content is a powerful driving force of any marketing strategy. Through content, people visit and keep coming to your website. When you consistently publish relevant and educational content, you demonstrate your authority and expertise in your industry. Content is also vital in boosting your search rankings and making your brand more visible online. 

Great content doesn’t just happen without effort on your part. To create one that draws an audience, you need to pour in a significant amount of time, thought, and creativity. Once you’ve hit publish, you need to wait it out until people actually discover your piece. A certain content piece may take time to build an audience, and sometimes, it may not even have one. However, there are plenty of ways to promote your content and generate an audience.

Here 5 tips to get your content discovered in the vast online world:


1. Invest in PPC advertising

What’s great about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is that it can instantly give you site traffic you need and doesn’t cost much. You also have the flexibility to change or adjust your ad depending on your goals and budget. You need to get it done right as soon as possible to achieve the results you want.

A high-quality PPC ad is relevant and doesn’t mislead searchers. Search engines evaluate ads to ensure their quality. They measure them against certain factors including keywords and landing page relevance. It usually takes time to figure out how to make a successful ad, but once you crack the code, your content can be discovered by a diverse audience in no time.


2. Consider digital PR

Leverage digital PR to showcase your values, products, and activities
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Don’t forget the power of good old public relations (PR) in raising brand awareness and distributing your content to a varied mix of audience. Reach out to online publications and see if they could promote your content.

Spreading the word about your company through digital PR may take time and attention to detail. You want to ensure your content tackles a topic valuable to your target audience and that it’s worth sharing. Throw in useful information and new research, then top it off with attractive graphics.

Write a content PR that contains a link to your piece. Show your readers why it’s important that they read it. Ask the editors of online publications, radio stations, and news outfits to get coverage. It may take a while for publications to pick up your PR and you may need to send it out to as many editors as possible, but it will significantly increase awareness of your brand once your PR is published.


3. Reach more audience through paid social media

People spend a lot of time on social media looking at photos, videos, articles, and even to search for products and services. Take advantage of this to gain exposure. 

Similar to PPC advertising, paid social media offers many perks. It’s cost-effective and you can precisely target the audience you want in minutes. You can trust that a bulk of site traffic derived from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is relevant and can lead to increased conversion rates.

Most social media platforms allow you to target users according to specific factors like age, income level, personal interests, and lifestyle.


4. Explore link building opportunities

Link building helps you rank higher in the SERPs
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Want to boost your organic ranking? Try link building. Backlinks remain to be Google’s top factor when it comes to organic ranking. Building quality links may be time-consuming, but it can lead to lasting content visibility and referral traffic. It increases your chances of getting found in the first page of search engines, too.

One of the most effective ways to get quality backlinks to your content is via guest posting. Look for authoritative online publications and express intent in writing an article on their site. When writing a piece, use relevant content from your site (related to the topic you’re writing) as your source and link back to it. 

Note that you can pick one or combine all of these techniques to get traction to your content. Always strive to churn out quality content and come up with content promotion strategies that will benefit your brand for the long term.

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