2017 SEO Trends: Be One Step Ahead of the Game

2017 SEO Trends: Be One Step Ahead of the Game

  • September 6, 2017
  • SEO
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The playing field of SEO is constantly evolving. Businesses are keen on keeping up with search engine updates to remain relevant so their websites can easily be accessible on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Read up on this year’s latest trends and learn how they impact your SEO success.


2017 SEO Trends: Be One Step Ahead of the Game

It remains true that a comprehensive discussion of a topic adds more value to your customers; but churning out lengthy blog posts should be left in the past. SEO trends of the year are leaning towards a more succinct form of delivering valuable content. It is more appealing for readers to consume bite-sized content compared to reading long-form blog posts. With the former, they can be more productive while in a cab or bus or waiting in a queue.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

2017 SEO Trends: Be One Step Ahead of the Game

It is an open source project that makes mobile optimization much quicker. Just do a few tweaks to your code to improve your site’s loading speed on mobile. AMP-compatible pages load instantly on any browser on your mobile device. A lightning bolt icon also distinguishes AMP-enabled pages from those that are yet to be updated.

All you need to do is add a few lines of HTML code or use the official AMP plugin on WordPress to make it AMP-compatible. Once published, your site gets featured in Google’s top stories carousel.

Machine Learning

Users commonly type their searches following typical patterns of conversation. It is the aim of search engines to learn and understand this natural way of conversing. The data gathered is then used to make the algorithm adapt to the human language, making crawling and indexing of websites more efficient.

However, this does not affect how content should be created. Content should still be written for your readers to understand and not for the machines to calculate.

User Experience Optimization

Consumers spend more time on their mobiles than on their desktops. It makes a lot of sense to optimize pages, make them more convenient and easy to navigate on any mobile device. Although a great number of consumers are on mobile, it is a mistake to exclude desktop in your SEO efforts. Site usability on both mediums should still be maintained..

Voice Search

2017 SEO Trends: Be One Step Ahead of the Game

There is a noticeable rising trend on the use of voice assistance primarily because it is hands-free. People use voice search to find local business. If you want search engines to find you through voice searches, it is time to get started on updating your website.

Local SEO

2017 SEO Trends: Be One Step Ahead of the Game

Through the efforts of local SEO strategy, search engines will pull your business up for the locals to find. Claim your business listing in Google or Bing to boost traffic and conversion rate. If you’re not seeing any progress in your ranking, learn more about SEO Calgary Services.

Personal Branding

How your audience remembers you matters a great deal in advertising. Web traffic favours the brands that establish consumer confidence. The image and the message you present to the public speak tons about who you are as a business and what you do that sets you apart from the rest. From your customer’s perspective, it is all about getting the most bang for the buck. Use personal branding as your own secret ingredient to make your business stick out.

Closing Thoughts

It is very important to know what’s going on in your industry. Always keep an eye out for the latest SEO features or trends, performance methods, and best practices to stay ahead of the curve. Ultimately, the success of your SEO efforts are founded on implementing strategies that are tailored to match the needs of your primary audience.

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